Download: Regulatory perspective on EU Legislation, Mick Foy, MHRA

Regulatory perspective on EU Legislation

On 31 December 2010, the start of major changes to the EU’s pharmacovigilance legislation began, with significant challenges for the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies. With the new laws being applied in July 2012, this year’s World Drug Safety Congress Europe conference will give an in-depth review of all the guidelines being put in place.

To give you a sample of what is in store you can now download one of last year’s most successful presentations:
Mick Foy, Group Manager of the Pharmacovigilance Signal Management Group at MHRA spoke on “Regulatory perspective on EU Legislation”
The presentation covers:
• An update on the implementation of new requirements
• Identifying the key changes for industry
• Identifying the efficiencies gained through the new package
Download presentation here

Mick Foy will be presenting at this year's event on "Application of data mining techniques in pharmacovigilance". See our website for more information.

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