Getting high with Multiple Sclerosis patients

Researchers at the University of California find more positive benefits of marijuana

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Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD of the Multiple Sclerosis Center at the University of California San Diego, is the researcher in charge of a study on the effects of marijuana on sufferers of MS. This study has recently released findings that marijuana has the potential to help ease spasticity and pain associated with MS. Patients who were giving cannabis instead of a placebo showed a significant lessening in the occurrence of these symptoms.

This study differed from previously conducted ones, as those under observation were asked to smoke the cannabis instead of oral administration of the herb. Symptoms were assessed using the Ashford scale, a visual analogue scale, and by timing how long it took patients to walk a certain distance.

While the goal of this study was to observe the benefits of cannabis on MS sufferers, researchers also noted the effects on mental status, namely “reduced cognitive function on concentration and attention span”. Along with more extensive studies to confirm the results of this most recent one, researchers also plan to test whether lower doses of marijuana could produce the same benefits with fewer negative side effects.

Read the original article here

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