India Industry wants govt to enforce SCM standards for dry pharma products

Even dry pharma based cargo should be transported only under strict temperature controlled environment

Credit: Rennett Stowe

It is a common mis-conception by the industry that dry pharma products do not require any regulations. Although dry pharma products need not be transported under an extremely temperature-regulated environment, it is still crucial that a minimal level of regulation is maintained. Doing so would not only increase the safety delivery of the products, but also boost the availability of quality products to the patients.

It would be superficial to assume that vaccines and certain biological or pharmaceutical products would require transportation in a temperature controlled environment. The same principle should apply to dry pharma products to protect their effectiveness too, especially in today's context where many pharma companies blatantly disregard any form of rules with regard to the transportation of dry pharma.

Experts have pointed out that, "We have observed that there are many companies who do not follow the present regulations as implied and required by the law which is putting at risk the quality and efficacy of drugs that is being transported from one destination to the other. It must be realized that even though the dry products do not need to be maintained at the same level as some of the temperature sensitive products there certainly needs to be at least some kind of controlled regulation while transporting dry pharma products."

The possibility of dry pharma products' effectiveness being compromised due to widely varying environmental conditions involved during the transportation process must not be overlooked. Many industrial professionals concurred and emphasized that there should be at least some kind of mechanization that needs to be adopted by the companies to determine the effects of temperature excursions on the products, with stronger use of track and trace system to accurately track and trace the position of the products across multiple time zones.

As such, it is of utmost importance that relevant authority in the supply chain industry should enforce, more strictly than before, the regulations for transportation of dry pharma products to curb this widespread oversight of rules. Industry expert mentioned, "Pharma companies should understand that they need to adopt proper cold chain standards for all pharma based products to ensure the delivery of safe high quality drugs. For this to happen the Government should take the requite steps for stronger implementation of the standards so that all the companies are forced to follow them. This will not only help in the availability of high quality products to the patients but also will strengthen the reputation of the drugs that are manufactured within the country."

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