Biosimilars set to save big bucks by 2020

1367886_european_flag_2Biosimilars are being estimated to save 8 European Union countries a cumulative total up to 33 billion euros on healthcare by 2020.

German medical trade magazine Monitor Versorgungsforschung followed a 2008 study commisioned by Sandoz. The IGES study calculates the amount countries Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Romania could save with the introduction of biosimilars to the market. "This new IGES study highlights the value and importance of biosimilars for the future of health care," says Ameet Mallik, Head of Biopharmaceuticals at Sandoz. For savings through biosimilars to become a reality, the IGES study encourages faster access to the market for biosimilars after patent expiry and promote substitutability between reference drugs and biosimilars.

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