Antibodies: Strategies for developing ADC linker-drugs

ADC, linker-drug, antibody, synthonAre you looking to develop your #Antibody Drug Conjugate linker-drug technology and yield stable and efficacious ADCs?

Would you like to know more about the work being carried out by Synthon, into releasable linkers and novel DNA Alkylating Duocarmycins?

At the 2011 European Antibody Congress Dr Vincent de Groot, the President of Antibody-Drug Conjugates at Synthon presented their findings;

  • Highly potent, proprietary DNA damaging duocarmycin derivatives are linked to antibodies via unique linker chemistry that is maximally complementary with duocarmycin chemistry, resulting in highly stable duocarmycin-based ACDs.
  • Latest results of preclinical development progress including drug potencies, ADC & payload stabilities in plasma, cleavage kinetics and in vivo therapeutic window aspects for ADCs will be presented along with molecular structural details of this technology.

Follow the link below for the presentation slides delivered at the 2011 European Antibody Congress, and find out the details!

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