Antibodies: Top pre-clinical and clinical ADC programs from Pfizer

#Antibodies: Do you agree that novel research concepts have the potential to transform ADC development?

Pfizer, ADC, antibodydrugconjugate, bioconjugateDr Hans-Peter Gerber, now a Executive Director of BioConjugate Discovery and Development at Pfizer gave a review of how these novel research concepts for studying ADC targets, targeting vehicles, linkers and payloads could and perhaps are impacting this industry.

Pre-clinical and clinical ADC programs

  • Differences in the mechanism of action between calicheamicin and tubulin inhibitor based ADCs
  • Preclinical development of an ADC targeting the oncofetal antigen 5T4, expressed on tumor initiating cells in a variety of solid tumors
  • Phase II/III Clinical update on CMC-544, an anti-CD22 calicheamicin conjugate developed in NHL

Follow the link below for the presentation slides delivered at the 2011 European Antibody Congress, and find out the details!

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