Bispecific Antibody success story you experienced problems with bispecific antibody stability and manufacturing complexity? Would you like to know more about the alternatives methods being explored to generate these molecules?

A versatile technology was recently presented by Dr Kristen E. Bower, Principal Scientist at CovX Research (Pfizer), at the 2011 European Antibody Congress. Dr Bower discussed their bispecific which is based on a scaffold antibody and a pharmocophore piptide heterodimer, in terms of its rapid generation and chemical optimisation;

  • Evolution of Potent and Stable Placental-Growth-Factor-1-Targeting CovX-Bodies from Phage Display Peptide Discovery
  • Bioconjugation to the CVX-2000 antibody scaffold increased potency of phage-derived peptides 1000-fold
  • In vivo biotin cleavage permitted the identification of peptide lability at the C terminus
  • Optimized compound CVX-4482 exhibits sub-nanomolar potency and pharmacokinetics compatible with once-weekly dosing in efficacy studies
  • CVX-4482 is the first reported molecule specific to PlGF-1

Follow the link below for the presentation slides delivered at the 2011 European Antibody Congress, and find out the details!

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