Download: Harvard Stem Cell Institute presentation on #StemCells and neurodegenerative disorders

Lee Rubin, Principal Investigator and Director of Translational Medicine at Harvard Stem Cell Institute, presented at last year's Stem Cells USA & Regenerative Medicine Congress on the topic, ‘Using stem cell-based screens to model neurodegenerative disorders.'

Download the presentation slides here.

In the presentation, Lee gives an overview on:

  • Using stem cell-based screens to study the biology of orphan nervous system disorders and identify therapeutic targets
  • How to address diseases without a strong genetic component
  • How to address genetic variability
  • Implications for the pharmaceutical industry: how does iPS disease modeling hold the potential to drastically improve drug pipelines for neurodegenerative diseases?

Get the slides here.

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Brock Reeve, Executive Director at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, will be participating in a panel session at this year's conference on the topic, ‘Looking to alternative funding sources for the RM field.'

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