BCRT’s presentation: A roadmap for advancing pre-clinical research through to the clinic

Today at World Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2012, Frank-Roman Lauter, Head of Business Development at Berlin-Brandenburg Centre for Regenerative Therapies, delivered a presentation about advancing pre-clinical research through to the clinic

Frank-Roman Lauter spoke about the foundation of the RMC – Berlin-Brandenburg Centre for Regenerative Therapies. He mentioned that sharing ideas and experience is much more frequent and free these days, than it used to be in the past. In his experience – openness really pays off. This positive experience of collaboration, motivated Frank-Roman to work on this project. Frank-Roman together with the experts from the industry, academic, government bodies and investors have established the RMC.

Here is what steps they are planning to take to achieve their goals:

– Foster communication

– Promote collaboration

– Enable accelerated delivery of new RM solutions

The structure of the consortium:

-       Core members: RM translational centres
-       Industry & associate members
-       RMC management office(s)

Among the benefits to the members are:

-       Capital efficiency
-       Access to larger network & experience pool
-       Critical mass for projects and funding
-       Influence on translation
-       First look at IP  technologies
-       Resources, opinion & opinion leadership
-       Opportunities of economic development

The foundation of RMC will be on the 25th May 2012!

Check back here in a couple of days for the presentation. Excellent presentation Frank-Roman!

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