Getting a bug may make you young again- if the biotechs have anything to do with it

1010760_dna_1We are living in an age of change and by simply getting a benign virus injected into our system may in fact extend our lifespan up to 24%. Gene therapy is going to play a big role in this so called fountain of youth. Gene therapy is the essence of our lives and tell our bodies how to develop. Later in life, problems in our genetic codes often give us diseases. Therefore biotechs are spending a lot of time in gene therapy to find ways to stop and cure all manner of ailments before they form and make you sick. Most recently scientists are using gene therapy in the fight against ageing, by changing the DNA of the virus using an enzyme that slows down the body's biological clock. However so far this has worked on mice, but hasn't yet been used on actual humans. However I don't think they will struggle to find women putting their hands up to be the first human guinea pig!


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