Roche speak at Exploratory Clinical Development World #ecdworld

I was at Exploratory Clinical Development World yesterday listening to Andreas Wallnoefer Global Head of Roche Pharma Research & Early Development (pRED) discuss the key technologies that have increased the body of knowledge for drug discovery. The three technologies he discussed were:

  1. Genes. Gene sequencing has given us an understanding of the genetic basis of disease and the impact of genetic variation
  2. Protein structure. X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance has improved the understanding of the function from structure and is an enabler of rational drug design
  3. Disease pathway. System biology proteomics/metabolomics has improved our understanding of biological pathways and intervention points that impact disease states

He then went on to talk about fitting treatments to patients to ensure personalised healthcare. He believes in order to do this we need to:

  1. Understand heterogeneity of disease
  2. Discover and develop relevant biomarkers
  3. Stratify patients with diagnostic tests
  4. Build evidence for better benefit-risk ratio

The conference is into it's second day so will be sharing key learnings from additional speakers shortly.

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