Scotland’s BioQuarter takes aim at #Asian #Biotech companies

Innovation in life sciences will be taken to the next level in Scotland as the Scottish government is sold on the life sciences idea. Scotland has approximately 640 organizations in this field and generates more than $4 billion in annual revenues. An ambitious strategy was announced in 2005 to double this output by 2020 which further solidifies Scotland's position as the
top 5 destinations for clinical trials in the world.

Opening a new facility sprawling 100-acres, the Edinburgh BioQuarter is set to housing leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies from all over the world. Scotland has embarked on a high decibel campaign to attract Asian companies with cutting edge technology and a focus aligned with the facility's aim to be the heart of life sciences and biotechnology in the world. Setting its sights on this fast growing continent to harness the expertise of biotechnology in Asia, Scotland's move is a testimony to Asia's growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

Asia, being a continent is ever progressing and strongly geared as an emerging market in the biopharmaceutical field, has become a hot target for pharmaceutical giants and countries alike.

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