Strategic R&D Partnerships For Global Competitiveness

Pharma giants face immense challenges as old business models become obsolete, key drugs patents expire, and not to mention the large amounts of capital inlay into drug development. Concurrently, Biotechs struggle to keep up with the competition against these pharma giants.

The great news is that pharma giants like Pfizer are now considering to partner Biotech companies to undertake the drug development process from Pfizer's pipeline. Collaborations with Biotechs not only help these Pharma giants to mitigate the risks for drug development, but provides the opportunity for Pharma giants to leverage on these Biotechs' expertise and focusing on their competitive advantage. An age-old saying goes, "if you can't beat them, join them". Pharma giants such as Pfizer are offering to share the compounds for free and the success with these Biotech companies. As drug development calls for highly multidisciplinary collaboration, such synergistic relationships form between Pharmas and Biotechs/Research Institutes may well accelerate the drug development process, ultimately benefiting human health.

Want to know more about how you can establish strategic R&D alliances?

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