Foreign Pharmas having the hots for South#Korea

South Korea has emerged to be a R&D hot spot and has become a target of both multinational drug manufacturers and healthcare companies. Possessing a high potential of growth in the life science industry, South Korea is a force to be reckoned with considering its highly educated talent pool, growing infrastructure and strong governmental support in the fields of life science research.

South Korea has been noted to have a relatively untarnished track record in the pharmaceutical industry, making it a lucrative area for foreign firms to enter into strategic alliances and partnerships with the local pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Noted examples include pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb's agreement with Celltrion for manufacturing biopharmaceutical products and AstraZeneca's funding into CrystalGenomics's research when awarded BioSpectrum's Asia Pacific Emerging Company of the Year 2010.

The South Korea government has selected biotechnology and life sciences as key areas of development for the country, making it ever more a hot bed for investors and the entire pharmaceutical industry. Establishing high tech medical-industrial clusters in Daegu and Osong, the construction of these clusters is set to further enhance the growth of life science R&D in Korea.
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