Top topics and companies in antibody structure-function relationships

antibody, structure-function, genentech, roche, amgen, medimmune, abbott, optimAbs, mAbIn our recent European Antibody congress Annual Survey we asked what the most important topics are for better understanding the mAb structure and function relationship. Below are the topics which came out on top;

  • Therapeutic antibodies: Market considerations, disease targets and bioprocessing Engineering antibody structures
  • Antibody structure optimization (OptimAbs)
  • Improving antibody developability: How to Select the Optimal Biotherapeutic Antibody Candidate
  • mAb state-of-the art analytical methods
  • Advances in the assessment and control of the effector functions of therapeutic antibodies


We also asked which companies are seen as thought-leaders in this field. The top 5 are given below

  1. Genentech
  2. Roche
  3. Amgen
  4. MedImmune
  5. Abbott

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