Pfizer Animal Health goes to the dogs…in a good way!

Pfizer Animal Health continues partnership with the Canine Health Foundation


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Pfizer Animal Health partners with the AKC Canine Health Foundation veterinary research World Animal Health Congress Pfizer Animal Health has recently donated $250,000 to the AKC Canine Health Foundation, continuing the strong support it has shown for the CHF over the past three years.


The CHF is a non-profit organization that works to fund research to better canine health. Its mission is to “advance the health of all dogs and their owners by funding sound, scientific research and supporting the dissemination of canine health information”.


Besides money, Pfizer also contributes to the CHF’s development with some of its valued members. Dr. Elizabeth Settles, of Pfizer Animal Health, serves on the Canine Health Foundation’s Board of Directors and Karen Greenwood (also of Pfizer Animal Health) contributes to the CHF Grants Committee.


Dr. Terry Warren of the AKC Canine Health Foundation commented “We are very grateful for the renewed support of Pfizer Animal Health.”


The two organizations are currently working together with the goal of getting more veterinarians involved in the CHF, as well as sharing more resources with the veterinary industry.


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