Q&A with Dominique Hind- Owner and Director of WiTH Collective- Social Media and what ALL Australian businesses need to realise

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Q&A with Dominique Hind

What is the most important change to marketing over the last 5 years?

Dominique: The adoption of social media and the seismic change that it has brought to digital behaviours, communications and the impact of brands.

Can a business survive in today's economy if they are not online?

Dominique: If it is consumer facing, how will they survive? For a very short time. If you look at SoLoMo (social local mobile) it has changed the way that people navigate to and choose brands. Now not only do you have to have a decent digital presence, you also have to have a decent mobile presence.

In general, are Australian businesses taking advantage of the new developments in social media?

Dominique: No, it is significantly under invested in and they don’t understand the metrics to evaluate it, they don’t understand it’s ability to influence a purchase decision, they haven’t applied the proper models to it. They don’t REALLY understand the advocacy of advocacy and social proof and they have primarily tried to crow bar above the line thinking into social rather than applying CRM principles.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you have seen online for businesses?

Dominique: No one’s looking at the numbers, no one’s asking why, no one’s asking how (to improve). Specifically,

  1. Not protecting their brand trademarks in search and allowing their competitors to trade off their name
  2. Not understanding of the importance of SEO
  3. Not understanding media effectiveness and attribution. This amounts to obscene amounts of money wasted, bad reporting on old business rules and clients being taken advantage of by media agencies focused on their outcome.
  4. Not understanding, not respecting, not developing, not strategising eCRM properly.

If a business could do one thing to increase their online presence in a positive way, what would that be?

Dominique: Understand and invest appropriately in search. It’s where majority of their people start their journey. More than 80% even involved with search don’t understand the power of it and how to plan and execute it properly, as opposed to just execute it properly.

Dominique Hind is leading the pre-conference Social Media workshop at BioPharma Australasia. Held on the 22nd of August at the Swissotel in Sydney.

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