Second Alzheimer Drug Development Deal announced

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According to GEN News, Roche has bought the rights to an experimental drug for Alzheimer's disease from closely held AC Immune, its second deal with the Swiss company.  AC Immune said today, "Roche's Genentech unit will pay an undisclosed amount for rights to AC Immune's anti-Tau antibodies, plus more than 400 million Swiss francs ($421 million) if the drugs meet targets." 

This comes as welcome news, as the disease affects 36 million people globally and is referred to as "one of the biggest medical challenges of our time" according to Alexander Schuth, Genentech's head of neuroscience business development.

In mice, the antibodies have been shown to reduce the number of tangles and improve memory, Andrea Pfeifer, AC Immune's chief executive officer, said in a telephone interview. Human trials may start in 18 months to three years, she said.


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