3 key obstacles to overcome to achieve antibody clinical trial success

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Are you about to take your antibody through clinical trials, or are you just beginning early stage R&D on a new antibody therapy? Either way, would you like to know what caused problems for your peers so that you can enter these phases being as prepared as possible?

In our annual European Antibody Congress survey we asked what the key obstacles are which need to be overcome in order to achieve antibody clinical trial success. The top 3 areas are given below – do you agree, or has experience shown you a consideration which has been overlooked?

(a) Efficacy vs. side effects

  • How to balance potency vs. toxicity of empowered antibodies
  • Limiting side effects
  • Understanding the biological effect of drug candidates
  • Target tissue specificity (side effects)

(b) Target selection

  • Know what biology you want to achieve, then choose the appropriate antibody format for this. Find the right combination of targets to overcome resistance.
  • Overcoming the stigma of host targeted antibodies

(c) Understanding structure function

  • Biological understanding of MOA, in vivo
  • Resistance mechanisms and tumour microenvironment effects
  • The predication of potential Fc function
  • Finding the relevant preclinical assays that truly characterise different aspects of an antibody as a drug

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