Drug repositioning = Pharmaceutical Innovation

739649_isozakis_palaceAt the World Drug Repositioning Congress 2012, you will discover how your business can systematically identify and commercialise existing compounds to treat new disease indications, thereby quickly and safely generating new revenues from your intellectual property.

Taking place in London on the 11th-13th September, the World Drug Repositioning Congress, is Europe’s only commercially-focused conference providing ‘how to’ guidance and best practice on how to repurpose existing research for new indications:

  • Learn how to apply a drug repositioning approach for compounds under development as well as failed assets
  • De-risk your pipeline development by establishing crucial partnerships to identify new indications
  • Successfully navigate the patent situation and reposition with market exclusivity
  • Understand how GSK, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Merck Serono, Boehringer-Ingelheim and more are looking to repurpose their vast archives of compounds

Systematic Drug Repositioning as a commercial tool

Systematic drug repositioning is an emerging sector set to enhance drug discovery and development and increase pharmaceutical innovation. The World Drug Repositioning Congress Europe 2012 is set to be the largest gathering for this emerging sector.
It is the only commercial outcome congress with the full drug repositioning value chain present where you’ll learn all you need to apply systematic drug repositioning and overcome the scientific and strategic challenges in order to achieve commercial success.

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