Drug repurposing and reimbursement challenges

reimbursement, market access, Numedicus, drug repositioningIn times of economic scrutiny, achieving reimbursement from payers and market access for new treatments is a major consideration during development and a particular concern.

As David Cavalla, Founder of Numedicus wrote in his most recent blog post, "The drug regulatory system is directed towards the approval of new medicines for particular uses, based on clinical trials and other evidence that the product is effective and safe. Yet, once approved, it is in most jurisdictions possible for a doctor to prescribe the product for whatever use s/he sees fit."

Consequently, secondary uses for repositioned drugs throw up an interesting debate in the context of a reimbursement regime that takes into account the therapeutic use of the treatment and its market exclusivity.

Along with many key challenges facing the industry, the World Drug Repositioning Congress 2012 will be a platform to debate the reimbursement expectations of repositioned compounds and how the cost and efficiency advantages of drug repositioning can be capitalised on.

David Cavalla will be speaking at the congress as part of a expert speaker faculty well versed in the intricacies and commercial challenges of drug repositioning. You can view the 35+ speaking line up here or download the brochure itself.

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