EMA opens nominations for CAT and PRAC committees

EMA, PRAC, CAT The EMA has made a new request for nomination for patients and healthcare-professionals to sit as representatives on the CAT (Committee for Advanced Therapies) and PRAC (Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment) committees.

It is important to have these key members represented in the committees to help review relevant information and provide a balanced perspective on the issues at hand. First attempts resulted in a low number of expressions of interest so hopes are high that numbers will be higher this time around. Those expressing their interest in sitting on one of thee committees will be assessed by the EU Commission and will need to have not financial interest in the industry. For further infromation, look on the EMA's website.

Doris Stenver, in addition to her work as CMO at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority is now also sitting on the PRAC. She is participating at this years World Drug Safety Congress in September so i look forward to her perspective on the role of the PRAC and how recruitment is coming along.

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