Top 3 Antibodies presentations

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At the European Antibodies Congress 2011,Europe's leading congress for antibody discovery, development and partnering, industry leaders presented on a variety of issues and challenges facing the industry.  The event showcased major global trends, recent intra-market clinical progress and best practice.  Below are 3 presentations from the Congress that discussed some of these challenges.

How to take an antibody from academic discovery to the patient

Take your antibody developed in academia through clinical trials, to ultimately be administered in humans.  Read the full article here

How to define acceptable changes for QA's of antibodies

Ensure that your antibodies are manufactured to a consistent product quality, and therefore guarantee a reproducible clinical performance and acceptable safety profile. Read the full article here

How to devise safety and immunotoxicity assessments for Antibodies

Improve your understanding of how your antibodies bind, and how and where glycosylation is taking place. Read the full article here

Want more? Watch this video on how Novartis are predicting Antibody stability here

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