Antibody development in the next 5 years

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How valuable would knowing your peers views on how antibody therapeutics are going to develop over the next 5 years be to you?

In a recent interview in association with the European Antibody Congress, we posed this question to 4 of our top speakers.

Here is what they had to say:

"Over the next 5 years antibody therapeutics will focus on various targets pre-selected by other means.  this provides some risk reduction by biomedical companies by commercializing known targets.  Also, the use of antibody cocktails will become more routine."

Mark Glassy, CEO, Nascent Biologics

"I believe that there will be strong emphasis on antibody-like molecules (bispecific antibodies, monovalent antibodies, ADCs, etc.) that are tailored to the target biology.  Additional clinical proof-of-concept that will be achieved will decrease the perceived risks and encourage aggressive clinical development of molecules in these classes."

Alexey Lugovskoy, Senior Director of Therapeutic Design, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

"Rapidly increasing in oncology, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases."

Charles Dumontet, Co-Director, INSERM

"I think there will be all kind of antibodies like pegylated half-antibodies, bispecific antibodies, antibodies with a toxin, and a lot of glycoengineered antibodies; there will be some more new targets, but in my opinion there will be a lot of therapies with two antibodies against different targets."

Dietmar Reusch, Director Development Characterisation, Hoffmann-La Roche

Do you agree, or in your opinion is there a bigger industry driver?

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