Partnering 101: Discovering various sources of funding and gaining access to them

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There is no doubt that biotechnology companies are the ones who will be leading the pharmaceutical industry in the next few years, spearheading new drugs and discoveries. Yet, their growth can be accelerated by effective funding or hindered by the lack of it. Our expert speakers at BioPharma Asia Convention 2012 gave some critical tips with regard to this issue.

Ms. Lu Hong Bo, executive director (Asia) of Orbimed gave her perspective of how emerging companies from Asian biotech hubs can effectively tap into available funding opportunities. Ms. Lu brought out important challenges that biotechs will face:

  • Lack of investment into the biotechs
  • Low value investments (as can be noted from the low valued IPOs)

She also mentioned that such problems are largely due to the fact that many companies choose to value these biotechs based on their revenues rather than their potential expected values.  This goes out as an important reminder to investors out there to carefully select the valuation method they use on these biotechs. Also mentioned in Ms. Lu's presentation are some funding sources which biotechs can undertake, including traditional Western investors, Asian investors and also, Cross boards investors. Click here to know more details about these groups of investors.

However, it is insufficient to simply understand what the sources of funding are. More importantly, would be one's knowledge on how to access these funds. Dr. Carrie Hillyard, Director of CM Capital Investments, gave a detailed explanation about the presentation of proof of concept to access government and alternative funding. Some tips will include:

  • Structuring successful framework to attract private or public partnership
  • Establishing good and strong relationships with researchers and partners
  • Managing risk by employing comprehensive IPs
  • Getting proof of technical concept money from the government, angel investors or large pharmaceutical companies
  • Getting proof of commercial concept from support groups such as Commercialization Australia

For more tips about packaging of deals to ensure successful pitch to investors, click here to view Dr. HIllyard's presentation.

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