Cord blood therapeutics: can stem cells from cord blood reverse type 1 diabetes?

Yong Zhao on stem cells from cord blood and type 1 diabetes Dr. Yong Zhao, Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has run a study that suggests that stem cells from cord blood can re-teach the immune system T-cells in type one diabetics, so that their pancrei begin to produce insulin again.

Read the full paper here.

In this Stem Cell Educator Therapy a "patient’s blood is circulated through a closed-loop system that separates lymphocytes from the whole blood and briefly co-cultures them with adherent CB-SCs before returning them to the patient’s circulation… Initial results indicate Stem Cell Educator therapy reverses autoimmunity and promotes regeneration of islet β cells. Successful immune modulation by CB-SCs and the resulting clinical improvement in patient status may have important implications for other autoimmune and inflammation-related diseases without the safety and ethical concerns associated with conventional stem cell-based approaches."

Dr. Zhao will be speaking at the upcoming World Cord Blood Congress on the topic, ‘Reducing the amount of insulin needed for people with type 1 diabetes using cord blood.' Register now to hear him share his insights.

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