Using public data and a computational approach to discover new uses for drugs

Atul Butte, drug repositioning, NuMedii, computational approachDrug developers are constantly looking for innovative strategies and technologies to improve drug discovery and speed up development in a cost effective and timely manner.

This publication from Stanford University delves into how one increasingly popular strategy, drug repositioning, can identify new uses of old drugs efficiently. Drug discovery is being applied through a computational approach to discover new drug therapies using publically available data.

The findings of this research support using publically available molecular data and computational approaches to discover new therapeutics operations for a disease. As a systematic drug discovery strategy, it may be a new discipline for many but it is also one that is promising much for an industry striving to innovate.

Atul Butte, Division Chief & Associate Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine co-authored the publication that has kindly been made available to download. Atul will be part of the expert speaking faculty leading the World Drug Repositioning Congress 2012 taking place in London on the 11th-13th September.

Once again you can download the full publication here, I hope it is thought provoking and I welcome your comments below.

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