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India’s pharmaceutical sector for 2012 remains stable, with earnings prospects remaining positive because of the growing global demand for biotherapeutics and opportunities provided by patent expiries in developed markets. Biopharma India is back on its 10th year! This year, learn from our industry leaders and experts at Pharma Trials World India 2012 and Biologic Manufacturing World India 2012!

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At Phama Trials World India, we will show you:
* How to scout for potential biotechs or pharmas to acquire or collaborate with
* How to successfully manage your logistical operations like clinical supply or cold chain
* How to overcome regulatory challenges to obtain your approval of clinical trials
* How to execute successful patient recruitment and data management strategies

At Biologic Manufacturing World India, we will show you:
* How to achieve an optimum balance in technology upgrades, productivity and cost management
* How to overcome challenges in biosimilars manufacturing
* How to upgrade bioprocesses, improve cell line engineering and cell culture development
* How to achieve operational excellence and GMP compliance

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