Monthly Roundup: July- Most read articles this month

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Welcome to the first edition of the Monthly Roundup, where we highlight the top 5 articles read this month on our BioPharma blog.  These top articles range from Partnerships with Academia, Drivers in Biosimilars and Antibodies presentations.  Let us know which one was your favourite, or that you found most useful.


1. Download Ebook: The Top Ten MUST-KNOW facts about the Biopharmaceutical industry : The ebook that keeps on giving. Get answers to the following questions: How much does the global biopharmaceutical industry spends a year on R&D?
How much does it cost to bring a drug to market? What are the odds of success of a lead compound approved for human usage?

2. Top 3 partnerships between Big Pharma and Academia : As the drug discovery business goes through difficult times, drug candidates can't seem to move through the pharmaceutical industry process fast enough. As well, entrepreneurs are struggling to get the funding they need to carry through their ideas to fruition.  Can partnerships between big pharma and academia help?

3. Top drivers fuelling industries biosimilar engagement today : Do you want to find out what is driving the industry to engage in biosimilars and biobetters?  Would this help you assess whether your company should develop your focus in this direction?

4. Top strategic considerations when entering the biosimilars market : Biosimilars market- Would it help you to know the high risk areas when entering the biosimilars market? Do you want to know key strategic considerations the industry are looking at before they make the move into biosimilars?

5. Top 3 Antibodies presentations : At the European Antibodies Congress 2011, Europe's leading congress for antibody discovery, development and partnering, industry leaders presented on a variety of issues and challenges facing the industry.  Here we present 3 top presentations from this conference regarding antibodies.


Were there any others that you found particularly interesting that didn't make the list? Comment below and let us know!

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