Technology to offer new life to old medicines

drug repositioning, new life to old drugs, repurposing, viagraIn a recent article from The Economist, attention has been turned to the power of repurposing drugs and its potential as a cheaper method for drug development. See full article here.

What is interesting is that most drugs have side affects, and aside from some serendipitous discoveries of the past (the tale of Viagra "springs" to mind) these side affects have been perceived negatively and any interaction outside of the intended target is undesirable.

However, in the context of drug repositioning/repurposing, a side effect is seen as an opportunity and acts as a signal that the drug interacts beneficially in a new mechanism of action. As the Economist article states, "Existing medicines may thus be repurposed for new therapies, not only helping patients but also saving drug companies time and development money, since they do not have to retest the substances in question to show they are safe."

The World Drug Repositioning Congress 2012 is the only commercially focused event in Europe dedicated to taking advantage of the unique opportunities drug repositioning provides your portfolio of existing compounds. Large pharma, biotech and specialist repositioning organisations, who have developed innovative systematic repositioning technology, will network and collaborate over 3 content fuelled days in London.

If you want an insight into what's in store, take a look at the following posts courtesy of the confirmed speaking faculty:

Learn from Atul Butte, Co-Founder of NuMedii about using public data and a computational approach to discover new uses for drugs.

Or discover what are the 4 key benefits of drug repositioning.

And you can read why drug repositioning is important to bridge the innovation deficit.

If you would like to learn more about registering for the World Drug Repositioning Congress on the 11th-13th September, click here.

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