Two bioprocessing stakeholders collaborate to advance cell line stability

stock-photo-19751017-molecular-structureA recent report in highlighted the newly found partnership between CEVEC Pharmaceuticals and Paragon Bioservices Inc. This joint collaboration between CEVEC with their market-leading human protein expression system derived from amniocytes, and Paragon a leading contract research and GMP biopharmaceutical manufacturer, captures the essence of the bioprocessing space, in which there is a great need for innovative strategy, technologies and collaboration in order to further advance upstream and downstream processes.

Paragon Bioservices will license and use CEVEC’s know-how and patents (on CAP and CAP-T cell expression system) to develop stable cell lines and perform process development for the contract manufacturing of recombinant proteins and antibodies. 

Paragon’s CEO, Marco Chacón, PhD, stated that “Even though our upstream developmental team has many years of experience in cell biology and bioprocess development, this is a highly competitive business.  Everyone needs an edge to meet the outsourcing challenges of our clients."

There is no doubt that the number one concern for bioprocessing stakeholers is how to develop and indentify stable cell lines in order to increase titer and yield and enhance biomanufacturing capabilities. To learn about more technologies and strategies big pharma and biotech are taking to ensure cell line stability and productivity, check out the Cell Culture World Congress USA.

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