Download: Cord blood industry survey report

cord blood industry survey report Cord blood banking has become a lucrative market in the regenerative medicine space. However, public and private banks are still facing a lack of donations from expectant mothers, and the processes of collecting the stem cells found in cord blood and transplantations are expensive and timely.

In spite of these challenges, the potential within the cord blood banking sector is huge. Because of this, and in an effort to gain further insight into this sector, we surveyed the cord blood industry and compiled the responses into a survey report.

Download the cord blood industry report here.

The report looks at questions like:

  • What challenges are cord blood banks currently facing?
  • Are cord blood banks likely to consider hybrid services to their cord blood banking business model?
  • Where do they get funding?
  • Is there a substantial divide between public and private banks?
  • How common is mail in collection services?
  • Which geographic regions are most dominant?

To find out the answers to these questions, and more, download the report now!

For more information on the cord blood banking sector, you should check out the World Cord Blood Congress, North America's leading commercial cord blood banking and therapy conference. Download the brochure for more information.

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