Researchers have discovered that stem cells that have remained dormant in a dead person for more than two weeks can be revived

Research conducted by Fabrice Chretien of France's Pasteur Institute, has revealed that some stem cells can be revived to divide into new, functioning cells after laying dormant for more than two weeks in a dead person.

The study showed that skeletal muscle stem cells can survive for 17 days in humans and 16 days in mice.
The stem cells retained their ability to differentiate into perfectly functioning muscle cells. This discovery could form the basis of a new source, and more importantly new methods of conservation, for stem cells used to treat a number of pathologies. Researchers also uncovered that skeletal muscles lowered their metabolism to enter a dormant state, using less energy.

Leading scientists and researchers will be sharing their breakthrough discoveries at the upcoming Stem Cells World Asia and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2013 from the 18th to the 21st of March in Singapore which will be co-located with Biopharma Asia Convention 2013.

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