Clinical Trial Registry Finally Launched in Singapore

As the quality of Singapore's medical care improves, it had since attracted many large pharmaceutical companies to conduct quality clinical trials of their new medication. Another key reason on why Singapore is such an attractive location to conduct clinical trials is that the approval for it takes only four to six weeks.

Now with the recent launch of the new clinical trial registry by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore, patients who previously did not response well to the conventional medication have another new alternative to seek help. It can even help patients to lessen their financial burden since patients on trial drugs usually pay nothing or very little for the treatment. The launch will not only benefit patients who are seeking for alternative treatment but also to the pharmaceutical companies.
As Emily Tan of Pharma Net, an international contract research company, mentioned that a day in delaying in reporting results of clinical trials could actually cost companies US$1 million (S$1.3 million). It is hence critical to have clinical trials that are cost and time efficient available for the pharmaceutical companies.

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