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World Animal Health Congress antibiotics FDA survey One big issue that has most of the animal health community talking at the moment is the ongoing debate over what the FDA should be doing in regards to the use of antibiotics in production animals. The problem comes from public concern over antibiotic-resistant organisms evolving.

We conducted a survey of animal health experts from all across the industry to see what they had to say about the subject.

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The survey covers questions like:

What’s your opinion on the use of antibiotics in production animals?
How worried are you regarding the effects of antibiotic resistance on humans?
Do you think the US government should be doing more to regulate antibiotic use in production animals?
Do you think a decrease in antibiotic use in production animals would have a negative impact on business?

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Michael E. Oehlsen of the FDA will discuss how to adapt to the new FDA regulations at the World Animal Health Congress this November in Kansas City.

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  1. Dr Elinor McCartney

    BBC 2’s Horizon programme ( “Defeating the Superbugs” indicated that MRSA from humans mutated in pigs to a new strain with enhanced AMR, because pigs are routinely fed antibiotics in feeds, hence creating “the perfect storm” for AMR. Whereas AMR is strongly associated with antibiotic use in humans, this programme illustrated that AMR is a global problem & affects all parts of the food chain, human & veterinary medicine. Hence we need to reduce antibiotic usage throughout the food chain, & in human/veterinary medicine. And we need new antibiotics.

  2. Laura Lupo

    Thanks for your comment! I’ve definitely found it to be an area of discussion torn between whether AMR is more due to antibiotic use in food animals or overuse by humans themselves…definitely a scary thing though!

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