Marken sets up new depots in Germany and US

Marken sets up new clinical trial supply depots in Germany (Frankfurt) and US (New York), in light of the growing needs of clinical trial supply services. These new depots are connected to the firm's other sites, including recently established depots in Singapore, Mexico and Argentina, using its cloud-based inventory management system, Solo.

With the new central depots set in place, Gerit Offenhauser, senior VP, Clinical Trials Distribution for Marken, expressed his delight in serving their clients who seek ‘comprehensive and efficient global distribution'.

‘Phase One is complete,' he added, ‘we are now pushing forward with Phase Two, which include more depots in key countries around the world such as China, Brazil and Russia.'

Indeed, the expansion to these countries with the exception for China is new. CEO Wes Wheeler first unveiled his plans to of the firm's interest in setting up a depot in Beijing, China in February this year.

The transformation of Marken from a "premium courier services to a full service supply chain services company," according to Wheeler, is taking place. What lie in question are the implications of the new depots and wider global reach to the new focus of Marken early this year – home delivery service.

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