AFBF vs FDA – who’s right?

World Animal Health Congress antibiotic debate FDA AFBF A huge debate in the animal health industry as of late has been that of whether the FDA is doing the right thing by cracking down on the use of antibiotics in production animals.


The industry is decidedly torn on the subject. Fearing the effects antibiotic-resistant bacteria will have on the human (as well as animal) population, many activists are calling for a complete cease of giving these drugs to animals.


Others, however, are irritated by what they call a lack of proof behind the FDA’s action. Many in the agricultural part of the industry insist that the overuse of antibiotics by humans is the cause, and that the new FDA regulations are uncalled for.


In his letter to the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, Mark Maslyn of the American Farm Bureau Federation shares his point of view.


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Masyln addresses the following topics regarding Draft Guidance 213:
-Implementation timeline
-Protection of therapeutic claims
-Evaluation metrics
-Outreach and education
-Veterinary capacity


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Interested in hearing more about the subject? Download the Antibiotics Debate Survey Report


Michael Oehlsen of the FDA will be addressing the concerns of the industry and discussing adapting to new FDA regulations at the World Animal Health Congress this November in Kansas City.

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