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ChrysanthemumRare is common. And orphan drug development is providing blockbuster therapies in a rare disease market that was traditionally neglected by larger swathes of the industry. But if you think you know the Orphan Drug market…think again!

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Whether your business is looking to develop products for the rare disease market, or is looking to improve existing market standing, we have created an online eBook that provides the top 10 must know facts to succeed in this burgeoning market. The Orphan Drug market provides a great opportunity for growth and success. With over 7000 rare diseases known and only a small percentage of those possessing a market approved treatment, the industry has but uncovered the tip of the iceberg. Companies have proven that treatments for rare diseases can reach blockbuster status and drive up its stock. Moreover, the interest from large pharma is unrelenting as they are seeking new licensing opportunities and partners to rebuild diminished pipelines and revenue gaps. While the opportunity is clear, the rare disease landscape poses unique challenges and a complex landscape for inexperienced drug developers. This eBook outlines the 10 must-know facts about the growing orphan drug industry to ensure you are fully prepared when making that strategic decision to develop treatments for rare disease.

The annual World Orphan Drug Congress has already confirmed its elite speaker faculty so download the brochure today to see what is in store. Get involved with the leading figures of the orphan drug industry, expand your rare disease network and share ideas to create new solutions to meet your business objectives in this space.

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