Breaking into Brazil’s huge animal market

World Animal Health Congress Global entities have reached a consensus that there is a need for increased agricultural production due to the increase of world population and consequent increased demand for food. Because of this, the livestock industry is working towards the goal of having healthier animals and more efficient production systems, lowering costs and increasing productivity.


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The Chief Executive Officer of Ourofino – Dolivar Coraucci – gave a talk at last year’s World Animal Health Congress title “Breaking into Brazil’s huge animal market”.


In this presentation, Dolivar addressed the needs and future of the livestock industry, with a special focus on Brazil. He discussed:

-Ourofino Group and the animal health market
-Brazil’s meat production and the need for healthy animals
-Brazilian opportunities for animal health
-Regulatory views and trends


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Ourofino will be back to participate again at this year’s World Animal Health Congress, this time with Head of R&D Prospecting and Innovation Eduardo Pontes.


Pontes will be speaking about increasing productivity and yield of Brazil’s cows while ensuring export success. His talk will include:

-How to develop products that are acceptable to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture
-How to identify region-specific disease indications for Brazilian cattle


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