5 Advantages of Operating Clinical Trials in CEE

pillsCentral and Eastern Europe (CEE) is a current hotspot for clinical trial operations. There are many factors that make this region an attractive site for clinical trials. We've been talking to experts in CEE to uncover what the key advantages of this region are.

1. Large pool of treatment-naive patients

The CEE region has over 300 million inhabitants, many of whom have not had as much access to medicines as their western counterparts. This allows for rapid recruitment of good study subjects for participation in clinical trials. The population is generally eager to participate in clinical trials and highly cooperative in order to gain free access to new and effective medicines.

2. Low-cost region for operating clinical trials

Clinical Trial investigator and site fees within CEE can be up to 30% cheaper than operating Clinical Trials in Western Europe or the USA. This is predominantly due to lower labour and site costs in CEE countries.

3. Highly educated, well trained and motivated clinical trial professionals

Progressive attitudes towards education, good training facilities and increased experience in clinical trials operations in the CEE has resulted in a strong population of high-quality investigators within the region. Many clinical trial monitors are also highly qualified and eager to take part in clinical trial operations.

4. Good healthcare facilities

Most CEE countries have large, centralised and well organised hospitals (many of which are teaching hospitals) and very few private medical facilities exist. These facilities provide access to large patient populations and are generally in close proximity to study sites.

5. Increasing options for outsourcing

There is an ever-increasing pool of CRO's, CRA's and consultants operating within the region, many with vast experience and multinational presence. For companies wishing to outsource to CEE, there are plenty of options available.


Are you an operator in the region? Think we've left off some advantages? Feel free to comment below, or check out our new event, BioPharma CEE Convention 2013, and see also 5 Challenges of Operating Clinical Trials in CEE