Download: eBook – 10 Key Insights into Clinical Trials in Central and Eastern Europe

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Did you know there are statistically lower amount of adverse findings in FDA inspections conducted in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) than in Western Europe?


Outside of the obvious BRIC countries, many pharmaceutical companies are now turning towards the CEE region as an alternative region in which to locate their clinical trials. As with any emerging market, CEE offers great opportunities, but there are also challenges to overcome and things to be wary of. Going into this environment informed will allow great success for those who are wanting to operate clinical trials within this region.

This eBook is designed to give a brief overview to the pharmaceutical professional and lay person alike of both the benefits they could expect, as well as the challenges that they may face, if they're considering conducting clinical trials in (or outsourcing to) the CEE market. It also contains suggestions on how to overcome these challenges, the reasoning behind the opportunities and the statistics demonstrating the attractiveness of the region.


Download the eBook here.


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