Asia Biotech Showcase at the 6th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention

Are you searching for a suitable Asian biotech to form strategic partnerships? Why not meet all of them at one time and venue? BioPharma Asia Convention 2013 brings you the Asian Biotech Showcase, a strategic platform featuring some of Asia's emerging biotechs. The biotechs , all of whom have innovative pipelines across popular therapeutic areas, will be sharing on the kind of partnerships and alliances they are looking for with Asian/global pharmas and top investors.

The Asian Biotech Showcase, co-located with the Pharma Partnering & Investment World Asia conference track, will be conducted in three parts (11.15 am, 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm) over Day Two of the BioPharma Asia Convention 2013. Each showcase will consist of short talks by our guest speakers, an exhibition visit and an academic poster showcase. For your convenience, we have provided here the complete list of speakers in each part of the showcase. To learn more about each speaker, click on their names to access their full profile.

Ralph Martins, CSO, Alzhyme (Australia)
Andrew M. Bray, CEO, Broadvector (Australia)
Stanley Chang, CEO, Medigen (Taiwan)
Masato Hosoda, CEO, Interprotein (Japan)
Shin Kum Joo, CEO, Abxign (South Korea)
Greg McGuinness, Marketing & Finance Manager, CockySmart (Australia) and CEO, Avi Smart (Australia)

Shoba Vijayaraghavan, Vice President of Business Development, Connexios Life Sciences (India)
H. Christian Hong, CEO, EyeGene (South Korea)
Peter W. Tsao, Vice-President of Business Development, TaiGen Biotechnology (South Korea)
John Oyler, CEO, BeiGene (China)


Radha Rangarajan, Founder & CEO, Vitas Pharma (India)
Maria Halasz, Managing Director & CEO, CellMid (Australia)
Geoffrey P. Kemplar, Executive Chairman & CEO, Prana Biotechnology (Australia)
Gensuke Tokoro, President and CEO, aRigen (Japan)
Guy Heathers, Chief Business Officer, Cancer Therapeutics (Australia)
Peter Jenkins, Executive Director, AusBio (Australia)