How to Defend your Supply Chain against Counterfeit Drugs

Facts about counterfeit drugs have been discussed on this site before, but how does one fight the prevalence of such drugs? Fortunately, Mr. Sam Chow of Syngenta Asia Pacific in Singapore will give some tips to tackle the problem at the BioPharma Asia Convention 2013. Mr. Chow's talk is named “Shifting from reactive to proactive defence against counterfeit” and it promises to advise the audience on reducing the risk of counterfeit drugs from entering the supply chain. Mr. Chow's 20-minute talk is expected to cover the identification of supply chain vulnerabilities for improved drug supply chain protection and the heightening product protection through the combined use of technology to provide deep visibility into drug movements. He will also focus on a case study entitled, "Structuring an effective resource system and anti-counterfeiting team to initiate proactive defence against counterfeit".

The talk is part of the Pharma & Biotech Supply Chain World Asia conference track and will take place on Day Two of the convention. To register for this talk and others on the same conference track, please click here.

About Sam Chow
Sam Chow is the Head of Corporate Security Asia Pacific in Syngenta Asia Pacific. He plays a lead role in overseeing the company's strategies design, fine-tuning and implementation of Asset/Product/People/Information Security which intensively involves elements such as corporate security, policy shaping, government partnership, crisis management, IPR management and anti-counterfeit enforcement programs. Mr. Chow has a vast range of experience in corporate security and has worked for companies such as Sanofi, Nokia Corporation and DaimlerChrysler. Sam has a degree in International Economics and Trade from University of International Business & Economics in Beijing and a Masters degree in Finance from the School of Economics of Peking University. To visit Sam Chow’s full profile, please click here.