Process Optimization Made Easy: Design of Experiments with Multi-Bioreactor System BIOSTAT® Qplus

Sartorius Stedim is a sponsor at 6th Annual BioPharma Asia Convention 2013. In her whitepaper, Sartorius Stedim reveals the successful use of a BIOSTAT® Qplus six-fold system for the optimization of recombinant protein expression via DoE.

The experimental procedure began with a screening for the identification of variables with a major effect on the space-time yield. The design was then complemented with four additional runs on a centered level to achieve information about the system variability and figures showing the response of surface plots for soluble and insoluble space-time yield and the comparison of two protein-production phases with different factor settings.

To read and understand more, download the whitepaper here.

6th annual BioPharma Asia Convention is the largest life science biopharmaceutical event and will be held in Singapore from the 18th to the 21st of March 2013. The convention scope will cover the biopharmaceutical chain from drug discovery to clinical trials, manufacturing and supply chain.

You can read more about our event here, or contact Rebecca Koh at her land line +65 6271 2035 and email at

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