Statistics show increase in clinical trials in emerging markets

Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and parts of Asia are often classified as ‘emerging markets' within the pharmaceutical sector. Recent years have seen huge growth in pharmaceutical operations within these regions – more R&D, more manufacturing, more outsourcing service providers and more partnering/M&A opportunities. As is depicted below, the number of clinical trials initiated in the CEE region is significant, particularly given the small population sizes of the CEE countries. Particular note must be taken of figures in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.  Conducting clinical trials within emerging markets can be particularly attractive – for more information on the benefits and challenges of conducting clinical trials in the CEE, click here.


Image: map indicating number of clinical trial studies in each country, as 19/12/2012. Source –


In 1998, the  85% of global clinical trials were conducted in the USA/Western Europe. By 2010, this figure had fallen to 80% – indicating that Latin America, CEE, Asia and ROW are fielding an increasing amount of clinical trials (20% of clinical trials in 2010), a figure which is sure to rise.


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