Single use as the best option in Mexico

Single use as the best option in Mexico Spoken to a couple of CMOs and single use technology providers in the US. They say single us is the best option in Mexico for the following reasons:

· In country for country capacity

· Minimize risk in transporting therapies especially biologics

· Rapid duplication of capacity

· Adaptability to low or large volume manufacturing

· Less space required

So why isn't industry adapting it? Two main reasons from what I gathered from talking to pharma. One, they've already heavily invested in stainless steel. Two, shifting to disposable technology from stainless steel manufacturing would require new approval. And we all know what that entails in terms of opportunity costs.

There is also the argument of how disposables can be disposed and the whole issue of being more environmentally friendly.

I've suggested that a cost-benefit analysis and proving the long-time benefits of disposable technology will be the most compelling way to convince pharma to the shift. More of this discussion and face to face at the upcoming Biopharma Mexico in October.


To learn more, read "Single-Use in a Stainless Steel World", by Jeff Odum and "An economic comparison between stainless steel and single-use systems " by our very own Freya Smale.