UPS at BioPharma Asia 2013 : More than Just a Fridge in the Sky

When UPS launched a new air freight container called PharmaPortTM 360 as part of its UPS Temperature True® service in 2011, it raised the bar for reliable transportation of very delicate, temperature-sensitive therapies and medicines like vaccines.

In our last blog, we shared about the very first shipment of seasonal flu vaccines Laos received. That shipment of 375,000 doses of vaccines travelled over 9,000 miles from the US to Laos in two PharmaPort 360 containers.

Unlike most other containers, the PharmaPort 360 is an active cooling unit, which regulates the temperature inside the container regardless of the external extremities without the need for dry ice. While in transport, no heat, vapor nor gas is emitted.

The PharmaPort 360 is set at a precise temperature of 5º Celsius, and limits temperature fluctuations within 2 degrees of this set point; thus ensuring the efficacy and integrity of contents it holds.

Beyond regulating the temperature, the PharmaPort 360 has a built in GPS coupled with GSM transmission ability allowing UPS personnel to track the shipment like a hawk through its 24/7 control towers. Apart from location tracking, they will receive critical information such as the temperature and humidity within the container, external environmental temperature and battery (and power) status of the unit.

The PharmaPort 360's ability to keep these pharmaceuticals within a specific temperature range in-transit is really important. If the container's contents experience a "temperature excursion", there could be serious consequences such as products spoiling which would be expensive to replace or worse if given to a patient.

At the end of the day, companies are putting the highest trust in UPS to take care their products. We have a role in handling medicines and therapies that are making a difference in patients' lives. We don't take that responsibility lightly. At UPS, we believe that "It's a patient, not a package."

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