Win-win partnering – business models and learning from partnering in Asia

On the first day of the upcoming Asia Antibody Congress 2013, Ms. Roxanne Duan will be speaking on the topic entitled "Win-win partnering – business models and learning from partnering in Asia". She will be discussing the recent trend in academic-industry partnering for drug discovery, sharing on the novel business models and learnings for partnering in Asia, as well as the factors for win-win partnering.

Roxanne is the Director of Academic Partnering at MedImmune, USA. She has previous held positions of responsibility such as the Director of External Discovery Unit at GSK China, Vice President for R&D at Adlyfe, Inc. and Functional Genetics, Inc., as well as a Project Leader at Human Genome Sciences, Inc. She holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of California, San Francisco, did postdoctoral fellowships in tumour supporessor genes at the NIH and in growth factor signalling at HHMI, has extensive experiences in protein and antibody drug discovery, and also holds more than 30 original publications, 82 published patents and 26 allowed patents.

Asia Antibody Congress 2013 is held from 17-20 June 2013 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore. Don't miss out on this highly anticipated event! Register here to attend now!