Download: Clinical developments in the therapeutic antibody space – the results to look out for


In talking to many high-level personnel from across the  therapeutic antibody field, one thing becomes blatantly obvious – they want to see some clinical data.

The state-of-play across the different sub-fields of the antibodies sector is vastly different – the ability to generate therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is well and truly established, and their effectiveness as disease treatments proven. In the world of ADC's, the technology and effective application has recently been validated by the approval of Adcetris and, more recently, Kadcyla. With regards to bispecifics and other new antibody formats – we are arguably ‘almost there', but clinical data will serve to demonstrate whether these products are truly effective and the next leap forward in the antibodies field.

This ebook has arisen from a compilation of the discussions with key personalities in the antibodies field. Do you want to know what products and companies they are following, and what results they are looking out for? What will be the next blockbuster antibody therapeutic?


Download this ebook here.


Are you interested in learning more and engaging in discussion on mAbs, ADC's, bispecifics and antibody biosimilars? Do you want to hear the most recent updates on mAbs/ADC's at the clinical stage? Do you want to network with senior executives and opinion leaders from truly international antibody pioneers? Take a look at the European Antibody Congress 2013.

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