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premier research whitepaper cover This guest blog post was kindly provided by Premier Research.

Too few patients. Too little data. Enormous recruitment challenges. What now?

Rare disease studies face many of the same obstacles as other drug development projects. But getting around those obstacles often poses unique challenges.

Our new white paper, The Science of Hope: The need, the challenges and three proven strategies for successful orphan drug development, spells out what you need to know to make your next rare disease study a success:

  • The huge need for new therapies.
  • Financial and regulatory incentives for developing Orphan Drugs.
  • Challenges to watch out for.
  • Proven strategies to overcome obstacles in three key areas of development.

To download ‘The Science of Hope' whitepaper, click here.

Or visit to discover how our experienced rare disease study teams can guide you through the process from experimental molecule to FDA and EMA approval.

You can also visit our booth at the World Orphan Drug Congress USA next week. See you there!

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